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Experts in Laundry Tiling Perth

Laundry Tiling Perth

Laundry Tiling Perth

Are you in Perth and looking for laundry tilers you can trust? We’re more than happy to help!

At WA Tiling & Renovations, we offer exceptional laundry tiling services with up to 8-year warranty.

We’ve been providing tiling services for over 25 years, and have built an excellent reputation in the industry for delivering high quality yet affordable service.

How do I choose the right tilers or renovators to handle my laundry tiling project?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right tilers, including:

  1. Budget
  2. Size of project
  3. Your preferences
  4. Timeline
  5. Material to use
  6. Design
  7. The company/tradespeople to choose

If you’re looking for laundry tilers who are licensed, insured, highly experienced, professionally trained & trustworthy – give us a call on 0426 246 352.

How to enhance my laundry room?

When it comes to enhancing the look for your laundry room, the options are limitless. We’ve have listed some of the most practical steps you can do to give your laundry space a fresh look!

  1. Consider repainting your laundry walls and ceiling.
  2. Enhance the lighting. Try adding new bulbs.
  3. Add storage for your laundry essentials.
  4. Hang photos or add wallpaper to the wall
  5. Install new windows
  6. Add shelving and wall hooks.
  7. Renovate or remodel your laundry room

If you have a cutting-edge design in mind, and you want to hire renovators to give life to it, give us a call on 0426 246 352.

Does a laundry room add value?

A laundry room is a long-term investment, and it adds value to any property.

I need more space in my laundry room, what should I do to achieve it?

There are a lot of things you can do to add more space to your laundry room, including:

  1. Adding more hanging bars
  2. Build or install more counter space
  3. Install a pegboard wall
  4. Install storage where you can organise your stuff
  5. Install wall-mounted drying pack
  6. Install hanging space
  7. Remodel or renovate

If you need help remodeling or renovating your laundry space, give us a call on 0426 246 352.