Strip Outs and Small Demolition

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We have a simple policy…we want you to love the end results and our prices

WA Tiling and Renovations are proud to offer our Professional Services available across Perth. Our combined experience in all Tiling and Renovation project make us the Number #1 Tiler and Renovation Team in Perth.


Quality is at the heart of every renovation project we do, and we provide an 8-year warranty on our workmanship.

Remember, tiles can also come in all shapes and sizes. WA Tiling and Renovations can cut them into the tightest of corners.

We offer end-to-end Renovation Solutions

WA Tiling and Renovations can provide complete end-to-end Solutions for your Renovation, or we are able to provide one off services.

WA Tile and Renovations can offer:

Small Demolitions and Strip Outs

Strip outs which are guaranteed to minimise the disruption to you and ensure your renovation remains on track, with most kitchens and bathrooms stripped out in one day.

WA Tiling and Renovations offer small demolition and complete dust free strip out services for Commercial and Residential spaces.

This includes

  • Floor Coverings inc Slate, Ceramic, Marble, Vinyl, Terracotta, Paint, Adhesive, Timber, Carpet, Cork and Swimming Pool tiles.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Demolition / Strip Outs
  • Laundry Strip Out/ Demolition
  • Internal Home Demolition / Strip Outs
  • Office Strip Outs
  • Shop Strip Outs
  • Unit and Apartment Strip Outs
  • Internal Strip Outs and Demolition
  • External Strip Outs and Demolition
  • All Types of House Strip Out/Demolition
  • Shed, Garage, Pergola Demolition / Strip Outs

Surface Preparation

WA Tiling and Renovations surface preparation is second to none as we utilise the latest in technology to ensure only the smallest of gap tolerance between tiles.

This includes using Concrete Grinders, Screeding and Concrete Levelling.

Rubbish Removal

WA Tiling and Renovations take and remove all rubbish and hazardous material with our service, all types of rubbish removal in Perth, General waste, Bricks, Tiles, Concrete, Green waste, Yard Clearing etc

  • All types of Rubbish Removal
  • Concrete, Brick, Tiles Removal etc.
  • General Waste
  • Garage Demolition Shed Demolition etc.
  • Yard Clearing
  • Surface Preparation

We can advise you with what needs to be placed on site for your specific project.

Our Guaranteed Level of Service to You


  • WA Tiling and Renovations will keep you informed every step of the way.
  • You will know the time tradesmen are arriving and when deliveries are being made. The start date and the completion date and you will be clear about costs.


  • Because WA Tiling and Renovations are so efficient with our time management and wastage we are able to keep our costs to a minimum.
  • No expensive showrooms and fancy displays, our jobs are our show room and you are more than welcome to view any of our sites before proceeding.


  • WA Tiling and Renovations care about our business and our clients and as such make sure that we are fully insured with Business protection, public liability and worker’s compensation.
  • You can have peace of mind and so can we.
  • WA Tiling and Renovations know Australian standards and adhere to them strictly with our waterproofing, guarantees and our invoicing.


  • As per Australian Standards, WA Tiling and Renovations are responsible to your job by law and by our contract for 8 years from completion.
  • All of our products are backed by us and a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • WA Tiling and Renovations are also accountable to our own standards. We know that it is important to our future that any problem or issue on an existing or past renovation must be rectified quickly and without drama.
  • How we respond is how we are judged.
  • WA Tiling and Renovations will always resolve the issue in a timely manner and go above and beyond to make sure that you can recommend us with confidence.

Setting the standard

  • WA Tiling and Renovations know the best and most advanced tools to make your bathroom stand apart and we are always looking for the latest technology.