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At WA Tile and Renovations, we are asked many questions and we’ve compiled a few of them here. Hopefully some of these can answer questions you have.

If you need to ask anything not covered here, please call us on 0426 246 352, or email on info@watileandrenovations.com.au, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Tiles FAQ

What Is A Tile?

Tiles are a furnishing that can be applied to the floor and walls of your home. They can be made from almost any material, such as ceramic, porcelain, cement, glass, metal, and wood. You’ll most often find tiles in ‘wet’ areas of the home, as tiles will often provide a mostly waterproof surface and protect your walls from any damage.

Tiles can be as simple or as decorative as you need, you can find a tile that will suit all manner of decor and styles.

What Type of Tiles Are Available?

There is a huge variety of tiles available, WA Tiling and Renovations has extensive experience in installing any type of tiles. But the ones you choose can mostly depend on the job that needs to be done.

The most common tiles are ceramic and porcelain, but tiles can be made out of many other materials. We can discuss your tile options when designing and planning your renovation.

Which Is Better: Porcelain or Ceramic Tile?

These are the two most common types of tile, and the difference lies in the way that they’re produced.

  • Ceramic Tiles are made from natural clay, sand and water which is baked in a kiln to remove most of the moisture.
  • Porcelain Tiles are made in the same fashion as ceramic tiles, but they use a denser form of clay and are baked at much higher temperature so almost all of the water is removed. These tiles are much harder and denser than ceramic. The extended manufacturing process usually makes porcelain tiles more expensive.

You can read more about ceramic and porcelain tiles in our blog.

What Is A Rectified Tile?

Rectified tiles are tiles that have been cut or ground very carefully to a precise measurement. This means that they are able to be installed with a minimal amount of grout, and you end up with a very clean looking tiled area. Using rectified tiles will give your bathroom a modern appearance and be aesthetically pleasing.

Can I Install Floor Tiles on The Wall or Wall Tiles on The Floor?

Generally, any floor tile can be installed onto your wall, however it is not advisable to install a wall tile on the floor. This is because a wall tile is usually not manufactured to the specifications required and cannot cope with the amount of traffic a floor tile will normally receive. Wall tiles are usually thinner and can break more easily.

How Long Does A Tiling Job Take?

At WA Tiling and Renovations, we know that you want the job completed as fast as possible. While we try to accommodate this, there are many factors that need to be counted for to complete the job. We will provide you with a plan that details what will happen and give you a guaranteed completion date. Having this means that you’re able to book other work that you need completed knowing that we’ll be finished on time.

WA Tiling and Renovations FAQ

Does WA Tiling and Renovations Do Complete Bathroom Renovations?

Yes, we do. We’re able to work with any budget and give you the bathroom you always wanted. When you tell us what you’d like to spend, we can show you what the possibilities for your bathroom are. We can plan and project manage your renovations from the first tile to the last!

Does WA Tiling and Renovations Do Complete Kitchen and Laundry Renovations?

Absolutely! We love all sorts of renovations and we are able to complete any kitchen and/or laundry project. We’ll work with you, to understand what you’d like to use your new kitchen for and offer some suggestions to something you might like to include.

Does WA Tiling and Renovations Tile Main Floors?

Yes, we do! We enjoy the challenge of creating a main floor area that will be the envy of all your guests and provide a welcoming space from the moment you walk through the front door of your home. We know that the main floor needs to be that magical something special!

Does WA Tiling and Renovations Perth Remove Old Coverings?

Yes, at WA Tiling and Renovations, we will take away anything that we need to remove from your property to get the job completed. Unless you tell us otherwise, all of the old fitting, tiles and other debris will be removed. You’ll never need to worry about them again.

Is WA Tiling and Renovations Perth Insured?

Yes. WA Tiling and Renovations is insured for the jobs we completed and for any damage that may be accidentally made. We feel it is totally irresponsible for any company to carry out work uninsured, and we will not work with anyone that doesn’t have the appropriate insurance.

Does WA Tiling and Renovations Perth Guarantee Its Work?

Yes, all our work is guaranteed for 8 years.

How Do We Get A Quote from WA Tiling and Renovations Perth?

You can call us on 0426 246 352, or email on info@watileandrenovations.com.au, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Can We See Examples of WA Tiling and Renovations Work?

Yes, we have some selected jobs on our website for you to check out, you can find them here, and here. If you’d like to see more of our work please call us on 0426 246 352, or email on info@watileandrenovations.com.au, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.