Bathroom Renovation

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WA Tiling and Renovations is your premiere bathroom renovation experts for Perth. We have been completing bathroom renovations for many years and are consistently keeping up to date with all new fashions and trends. This is what makes us the #1-bathroom renovators for Perth, we are a dedicated team and can work with you to create the bathroom of your dreams.

The bathroom is a special place in the home, it’s where you get ready for the day and unwind at night before bed. Most people think of the bathroom as cold and unwelcoming, but it should be the opposite of that. A quality bathroom is warm and welcoming, it should greet you in the morning and make you feel alive!

Planning a Bathroom Renovation

At WA Tiling and Renovation, we can plan and create your new bathroom. We can do a total demolish and rebuild. We specialize in taking bathrooms that are old and have lost their sparkle and turn them into something new. A bathroom should be invigorating, it should have everything you need to get ready in the morning before heading out for the day. When you’re planning your bathroom think about what you use it for and where you need certain things to be. If there are appliances that you use every day, we can plan a bathroom that provides spaces for these to go, so it is not always just too far out of reach.

Usually the first thing to go in a bathroom is the shower. It gets used the most often, well apart from the throne, and it has a variety of movable parts. In some places it can become exceptionally difficult to clean especially after many years of use. Don’t you think you deserve better? When you contact us we will take you through your bathroom and discuss everything that you may want to think about and change. We can work with the space you have to make your bathroom the king or queen of the house!

WA Tiling and Renovations can also prepare a home if you have a disability and need special requirements. We are fully trained in the installations of equipment to help you maintain your mobility. We can provide and install, grip rails, seat raisers, remote electronic toilets, and make other modifications so your bathroom fits your personal needs. It’s your space and designing it to suit a purpose, and that purpose should be to make you happy.

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